A smarter, effortless way to invest in cryptos.

Libertypool is the first fully automated index tracking investment platform where long-term crypto investors build wealth on autopilot. From the beginning of 2017, the value is up by 10 times.
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Creating a high performing portfolio is difficult

Especially for Busy investors
Not sure which assets to invest in?

With thousands of crypto assets out there, are you struggling to decide which asset is the right investment for you?

Not sure how much to invest?

Are you holding too much BTC or too little? Are you overexposing yourself to risk or not being aggressive enough with your allocation?

Struggling to manage all your assets?

Dealing with multiple assets, exchanges and wallets might make you give up on investing altogether!

We make it easy for anyone to invest successfully

With as little effort as possible
Invest in a research-backed portfolio of the best crypto assets

We have done the heavy lifting for you and created a carefully researched collection of the right crypto assets. Based on the CCi30 index, our portfolio is made up of the top crypto assets and covers more than 90% of the entire blockchain market.

Get your funds allocated efficiently and minimize risk

We distribute your funds with a unique, data-backed formula that reduces your risk while ensuring you are best suited to gain from the growth in the crypto industry. We'll help you create the perfect portfolio regardless of your investment size.

Sit back as we manage and grow your portfolio

We rebalance your portfolio every month based on research and market trends. You can manage all your assets in one simple interface without having to deal with multiple exchanges or platforms!

Executive Team

Yu Yamanaka
Founder & CEO
Former CTO at Starbase, a blockchain token issuance and sales platform for innovative projects. Since 2016, he has helped multiple ICO projects that raised totally 40 millions dollars by token sales on the Bitcoin/Ethereum blockchains.
Prof. Igor Rivin
Chief Strategist at CCi30
Professor of Mathematics at Temple University and Regius Professor of Mathematics at St. Andrews University. One of the world’s leading mathematicians, recognized for his work at the intersection of mathematics and finance.
Carlo Scevola
Advisor to the board
Economist, internationally recognized provider of legal and financial services. He is the inventor of the CCi30 index and has a 20+ years experience in the financial industry.

Three simple steps to get the best risk-adjusted high performance portfolio

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Add Bitcoin to instantly fund your portfolio
Just add BTC to your own secure wallet inside Libertypool.
We'll convert your bitcoin into a diversified portfolio
We'll allocate your BTC using our formula into all the right crypto assets.
Easily manage your portfolio and see it grow.
Track your investment and sell your portfolio anytime.

We make it easy for anyone to invest successfully

With as little effort as possible
Transparency first

We hide nothing from you. No hidden fees or extra charges. You can confirm exact amount of each asset you own unlike traditional funds.

Secure all the way

We are partnering with Onchain Custodian®, 3rd party crypto custodian to store your assets with institutional-grade securities. They are also covered by insurance.

Start small, Make it big

Invest as much as you want or as little as $500. You can get started with any amount and always add more later. No compulsions!

Simple enough for your grandma

We have taken all the complications out of crypto investing and made it as simple and fun as possible. In fact, we are sure it's so simple your grandma could use it!

Backed by research

We create your portfolio based on financial research by the CCi30® index. It's rebalanced every month.to reduces the risk of over-exposure to the biggest currencies..

Powered by privacy

No complicated forms or long drawn KYC verifications. We ask for as little information as required and don't share your data with anyone else. Ever.


Frequently asked by our users.

What is Libertypool?

Libertypool’s investment platform is simple and intuitive, making it easy for both experienced and retail investors to start investing in its crypto index. It helps you to invest in the top market cap assets with minimum risk involved. The portfolio is balanced every month based on research and market trends thus easing investors pain of having to deal with multiple exchanges or platforms.

Who can use Libertypool?

Anyone 18 years old and over who agrees with our terms and conditions can use Libertypool. Our mission is making everyone accessible to the best investment opportunities. However, we decline suspicious transactions seem to related to Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism to comply with regulations in Singapore.

How are crypto assets in my portfolio selected?

Libertypool replicates the CCi30Ⓡ index that selects 30 top crypto assets every quarter with rebalancing them every month to present the best risk-adjusted performance. Learn More

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment is $500. It was originally $100,000 but we have lowered the barrier to make everyone accessible to the investment opportunity using automation technology.

How Libertypool stores assets safely?  Is it 100% safe?

We are partnering with Onchain Custodian, Singapore-based digital assets custody service provider to store our customers' assets with institutional-grade security. Learn More

What if my assets on Libertypool are stolen by someone?

Our customers' assets held by our custody partner are covered by an insurance. It will cover theft of crypto assets, via employee dishonesty or through third parties. Please take a look at the following article for details. Learn More

How does Libertypool charge?

We charge a management fee from $5/month based on your total investment size. Please take a look at our pricing page for further information.

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