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Generally, “People buy Money by selling their Time” through their labor. But, “We believe Time can be bought by Money” and people could avoid spending their valuable time on unwanted matters with enough passive income from accumulated assets.

Career Opportunities

We welcome to work with hard workers who work in our mission together. We are a crypto team. That means border-less, working remotely, and get paid in cryptocurrency. We are actively hiring the following jobs but feel free to contact us anyway if you have outstanding skills and the same passion as us.

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Libertypool Professional Principles


Professionals have an open mind. They understand communicating openly is the best way to get sufficient help from others.


Professionals do not fool or lie to their team and customers. Trust is the most important asset and priceless.


Professionals never stop learning and challenging for their mission. They understand innovations have built the great world.


Professionals do not wait for someone's instruction or approval. They think by themselves and ask for opinions from other professionals or people involved, for their mission.

Ready, Fire, Aim

Professionals do not fight without preparation but also understand early failures accelerate the efforts for success.

Result oriented

Professionals stick to what he has got done rather than how much they struggled. They understand stakeholders are not much interested in the their efforts but the right outcome.

Team oriented

Professionals seek achieving team's objectives rather then personal ones. They understand ambitious goals cannot be accomplished by an individual but only the power of a well-cooperated great team with the same passion.


Professionals work hard for the success of customers, society, and themselves. They understand sustainable business is built on the success of all of them.

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